Financial Thriller (2012)
Supercapitalist is a financial thriller about a young maverick hedge fund trader who is sent to Hong Kong to orchestrate a mega deal that swiftly gets out of his control.

 Kathy Uyen plays Natalie Wang, a PR Director who becomes the love interest of Connor (Derek Ting).
An indie film shot across 3 countries: USA(New York), Hong Kong, and Macau

 In Theaters, USA/CANADA Cable VOD and iTunes August 10, 2012
 New York: Village East

 August 31: Laemmle Noho

Other locations TBA


 Executive Produced by: J.A.H. Lee, James C. Chie, John C. Hsu, Sam Kwok, Phillip Yin

Produced by Derek Ting, Joyce Yung, Diana Footitt, Keith Lau, Juyoung Park

 Director: Simon Yin

Stars: Golden Globe Nominee Linus Roache(Law and Order, Batman Begins), Kenneth Tsang(Die Another Day, Rush Hour 2), Derek Ting, Richard Ng, Kathy Uyen (De Mai Tinh), Lester Chan(Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman), Michael Park(2 time Emmy Winner, As the World Turns)

Written by: Derek Ting & Young Cho

Screenplay by: Derek Ting and Simon Yin